The Fear of Heights #writing

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hira N.

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Hi guys, today I’m gonna talk about something I have feared ever since I was a little kid and still fear to this day, and its heights.

I don’t know why but heights just happen to suck the life out me. Every time I’m somewhere high I start to freak out and panic like a total idiot. But it’s not just about being in a high place that freaks the shit out of me, no every fucking time I see a large and incredibly tall building my heart starts to race at a thousand miles per hour and my hands start to shake and I feel like a complete loser (which I am).  And sometimes it can be really embarrassing, for example, once I was with some friends and we decided to get my friends, little sister, a toy, but the problem (for me, everyone else was fine) was that the toy shop was on the top floor, and there was no fucking elevator. I mean what type of a sick person places a fucking toy shop on like the 100th floor, I mean think of the kid)s who can’t climb up the fucking largest staircase ever.

Another example is when I went to London with my family we went to the London Eye and it was great for me until I found out we had to actually go inside a large round box thingy made completely out of glass and it just happened to rotate around a fucking wheel, and don’t get me wrong that thing was so high I swear I could see the Eiffel Tower from up there. Now I couldn’t back put off going in it as we had already bought the tickets so I prayed to God to help me survive and stepped in the box thingy, now I saw everyone around me walking in the glass box and taking pictures of the view while I sat there with my sweaty hands and racing heart beat next to an old Chinese lady who after five minutes also got up and walked around, and everyone was just staring at me like I was paralyzed or something (although I did act like it so…)

Alright guys I think this enough for now, I hope you enjoyed these embarrassing stories, and I hope they made you feel less like an idiot, cause let’s be honest no one’s as stupid and clumsy as me (yeah I’ll just go and cry in a corner alone now) bye guys and hope you enjoyed. -H

Tips to upgrade your photography (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member:Garima Bhaskar

Founder & Owner of: Garima Writes

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1. Know your subject

Don’t just see a beautiful scene and capture it. Analyse it first, decide your perspective. Don’t click the picture from the view point where people normally see. Think out of the box, get down on your knees, get in the mud, crawl between the bushes to get the best shot possible.

2. Two of the most important aspects:  Lighting and darkness

When clicking pictures of landscapes, make sure you are not facing the source of light. This will result in hiding the true texture of the landscape and cast darker shadows. However, if you want to click silhouettes then you should face the source of light. Silhouettes work best with sunsets, architecture and things with a detailed outlines.

3.  Alignments

Landscapes look the best obviously when taken in the landscape mode. It gives a wider view of the scene. For portraits of people, if the person is close to your camera, portrait alignment would be preferable whereas if the person is far, use the landscape mode and place the subject to one side rather than in the center.

4. ISO and Exposure

ISO is how much your camera will be sensitive to light. Keep it on the lowest value when shooting with adequately lit areas mostly during the day and highest value when you are shooting at night. Exposure is to limit the amount of light entering the lens. Though, better to work manually with ISO rather than exposure settings. It results in a bit of grainy images.

5. Go manual

Using the auto mode on your camera might give you good results but never the best ones. If you are truly passionate about enhancing your photography skills then put your camera on manual mode and go out clicking in different lightings to practice.

Want to live a more and beautiful life? Here’s what you need

1. Your family and the inner circle. Invest in them, and they’ll invest in you. Inspire them, and they’ll inspire you. Take care of the details with your inner circle.

2. Productivity. You won’t be happy if you don’t produce. The game of life is not rest. Yes, we must rest, but only long enough to gather strength to get back to productivity.

What’s the reason for the seasons and the seeds, the soil and the sunshine, the rain and the miracle of life? It’s to see what you can do with it—to try your hand to see what you can do.

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3. Your culture. Language, music, ceremonies, traditions, dress. All of that is so vitally important that you must keep it alive. The uniqueness of all of us, when blended together, brings vitality, energy, power, influence, and rightness to the world.

4. Spirituality. It helps to form the foundation of the family that builds the nation. And make sure you study, practice and teach—don’t be careless about the spiritual part of your nature because it’s what makes us who we are, different from dogs, cats, birds and mice.

5. Don’t miss anything. My parents taught me not to miss anything, not the game, the performance, the movie, the dance. Go to everything you possibly can. Buy a ticket to everything you possibly can. Go see everything and experience all you possibly can.

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6. Good friends. Friendship is probably the greatest support system in the world, so don’t deny yourself the time to develop it. Nothing can match it. It’s extraordinary in its benefit. Friends are those wonderful people who know all about you and will always like you no matter what you do.

Lessons from our fathers (day 1)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member:Nola Crow

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Beyonce! Yes! Beyonce has sparked something in me about her song, Daddy Lessons.

Song: “Daddy Lessons” By Beyonce.

***Came into this world
Daddy’s little girl

And daddy made a soldier out of me

Daddy made me dance

And daddy held my hand

**And daddy liked his whisky with his tea

And we rode motorcycles

Blackjack, classic vinyl

***Tough girl is what I had to be

He said take care of your mother
Watch out for your sister

Oh, and that’s when he gave to me…

***With his gun, with his head held high
He told me not to cry

Oh, my daddy said shoot

**With his right hand on his rifle

He swore it on the bible

My daddy said shoot

Oh, my daddy said shoot

He held me in his arms

And he taught me to be strong

He told me when he’s gone

Here’s what you do

When trouble comes to town

And men like me come around

Oh, my daddy said shoot

***Daddy made me fight
It wasn’t always right

But he said girl it’s your second amendment, oh, oh, oh

He always played it cool

But daddy was no fool

And right before he died he said remember…

****He said take care of your mother
Watch out for your sister

And that’s when daddy looked at me…

****With his gun, with his head held high
He told me not to cry

Oh, my daddy said shoot…

***My daddy warned me about men like you.

He said baby girl he’s playing you

He’s playing you

My daddy warned me about men like you

He said baby girl he’s playing you

He’s playing you

Cause when trouble comes in town

And men like me come around

Oh, my daddy said shoot

What lessons can you learn from your daddies life?

This one is a mouthful. We celebrate father’s day, but what lessons can we learn from our fathers? Especially for us women, being gatekeepers in our families.

I maintain the gatekeeper role in my family, consisting of, my husband, son and I. My husband grew up with both parents in the home, brother, sister, & family pet. My husband was a private school kid, Boy Scout, catholic church and relatives, who all owned their own homes and lives in the same neighborhood. His grandmother Dot, cooked every Sunday and all of the family (aunts, uncles & cousins), would come over and eat Sunday dinner. They weren’t perfect, but to me, they were.

On the other hand, I can attest that I grew up in a dysfunctional family home: Mother, siblings, mothers (friends) coming in and out. These men, in my mother’s life, were bad examples of father figures. I learned about inappropriate things because I didn’t have my father to watch out for me. I grew up angry, and of a vengeful spirit. I fought a lot, at home and school. My father, his parents split before he was even born, at least they were married before he was born.

What lessons did I learn?

I persevered through it all: graduated from college, graduate school, became an educator, advocate for the disabled population, etc.

To maintain lessons from my father or any father: 

  1. If you want a family fight to keep it: I don’t feel my father fought hard enough to keep my brother and I in his life. He knew we grew up in an abused home, but didn’t come for us. He left us there. 
  2. If you make vows,  keep them. 
  3. Raise your kids with a family circle in mind: meaning (mother, father, kids, home. 
  4. Never give up: my father gave up on his family, when the road he traveled with my mom was too tough. He went off and made a new family with another 1st daughter & 2nd son. This has ruined the relationship he could have had with my younger brother. How? He named the new son after himself. This has affected my brother tremendously. My father & I continue to have talks about him not grasping the magnitude of that action on my brother 37 years later. 
  5. Keep God close to you: For me, this is the only way I can write this post today. God covered me & I can testify to that🙏🏼😎
  6. Keep somethings in a vault: We have a tendency to want to tell everthing to our spouses, but somethings, should be kept between you and God. You can explain logically, to your spouse, that for the peacekeeping of your marriage, there are some doors that should remain closed! I didn’t do that, and there are times I felt judged. People are human and cannot handle what the truth is. 
  7. Keep a relationship with your parents: depending on the situation. I know some people have limits on how much they can handle. 
  8. Seek professional help if overwhelmed.
  9. Be honest about you short falls. 
  10. Be worthy of love: you are worthy of love. Live in the truth of this. 😘

In the end, celebrate love and family. God has brought me and you all from a mighty long way. Bask in the Glory of that and never lose sight of where God has brought you from. Don’t forget to love your children. They are the best parts of you. 💞👈🏽